Sea glass or Beach glass style handmade jewelry. Wholesale earrings, necklaces, anklets, and bracelets. Sterling silver, American handcrafted.

Handcrafted beach glass & seaglass style wholesale jewelry, designed by American artists.
Hand made by Austin Design™ on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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Seaglass is also known as beach glass
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Contact us for wholesale handcrafted jewelry
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Why carry our jewelry lines?

We design our jewelry with two goals in mind:  to create beautiful, quality jewelry with a unique style and impression. And to create jewelry that appeals and sells consistently to a wide range of discerning customers. Our jewelry lines offer all of this with the color, craftsmanship, style, and price point that your customers are looking for.

Also, our jewelry is entirely American handcrafted using recycled glass and sterling silver. This offers additional selling points for those customers interested in eco-friendly and responsible products. Click here to learn more about our environmentally conscious methods and materials.

Exclusivity Guarantee

We are proud of the unique nature and quality of our jewelry lines, and look for galleries and boutiques that reflect that same level of quality and artistic taste. To that end, we are rather selective when choosing the retailers carrying our line. 

Despite the extremely reasonable price point of our line ($5 to $35 wholesale), we avoid chain stores, souvenir shops, kiosks, and outlets of that nature.  We have found that the best venues for our work tend to be high end boutiques, hand crafted art galleries, and eclectic gift & jewelry stores. For that reason, when applying for a wholesale account, it is helpful if you provide us with as much information about your store, clientele, and other jewelry lines as possible.

To retain this level of quality, we strictly avoid over-saturation and offer a policy of exclusivity. This ensures that once your store is carrying our line, we will not sell to your close competitors. Generally, we avoid other stores within your shopping vicinity, and often, within your entire zip code. 

Jewelry Description

We offer two distinct lines of jewelry:  Sand . Sea . Sun™  and Austin Design™. 

Sand .Sea . Sun™ is a sea glass style line, incorporating a beach oriented and waterside look.  The colors are bright, focusing primarily on ocean shades of blue and green, and there is a predominance of sand-etched, sea style glass.  The glass used in this jewelry is a combination of recycled glass and delicate beadwork.

Austin Design™ is our gallery line, combining both modern and classic styling with the highest quality elements:  European fine cut crystal, sterling silver beads, genuine semi-precious stones, natural freshwater pearls, and specialty glass beads.  The colors are deep and jewel like, ranging the entire rainbow.

American Handcrafted  &  Eco-Friendly

Each piece of our jewelry is American handcrafted in our Kill Devil Hills studio, located on the Outer Banks islands of North Carolina. Our designs are created by artisans, one piece at a time, with precise attention to style and detail.

In our jewelry designs we incorporate recycled glass and reclaimed sterling silver, making the designs not only beautiful but environmentally responsible as well.

Click here to learn more about our studio, eco-friendly materials, and the methods of our creation!

Wholesale Pricing

All prices shown on our wholesale web site are wholesale prices.  Click here to apply for access to our online store and to receive a printed catalog and complete price list. Below are our general price points:

•  Earrings run approximately $5.50 to $18.00 wholesale.
•  Bracelets run approximately $12.00 to $25.00 wholesale.
•  Necklaces run approximately $12.00 to $30.00 wholesale.
•  Anklets run approximately $8.00 to $12.00 wholesale.
Wholesale Ordering & Shipping

Catalog requests and wholesale orders are accepted only from retailers meeting the necessary requirements. Click here to open your wholesale account.

Once you have opened an account, orders may be place in several ways:

•  Visit our online store (password required). You may place an order securely online or simply use the site as a digital catalog. The "Color Search" and "Style Search" options are a great way to build a collection.

•  Prepare your order using our catalog, web site, and separate order form, then fax toll free to 877-227-8004 or call in to 877-227-8134.

•  Let us help you build a collection. Give us a dollar amount & general preferences, and we will be happy to choose our best selling pieces, tailored for your store.

•  Arrange to have one of our sales reps call on you, if possible. Call our office to find out if we have representation in your area, and to see if there are any trade shows in your area. Click here for more information on sales reps.

Most orders are shipped within 2 - 5 days.  We have a very quick turnaround! Ask at time of order for exact shipping times.  Our preferred carrier for continental US orders is United Parcel Service (UPS).

Wholesale Packaging & Display

We strive to present our jewelry in a tasteful and efficient manner, to better assist in your sales.  All of the jewelry is delivered individually packaged and carded. 

Earrings are delivered on individual earring lip cards, perfect for any standard earring spinner or display.  The cards are a heavy natural, grainy recycled paper, with either the Sand. Sea. Sun ''sun'' logo or the Austin Design graphic ''flame'' logo.  On the back is printed a brief description of the work. 

Necklaces, bracelets, and anklets are delivered with informative story card booklets.  The cards give a description of our work and materials, the inspiration for our creations, and tips on how to care for the jewelry.  These add interest and identification with our lines, and your customers will appreciate the addition.

While we have the two separate lines, their style and packaging is designed to work very well together.  Having both in a jewelry case is visually complimentary.

Also, while we do identify each line by name and logo on the jewelry cards, we do not provide any actual contact information on the packaging.  We want your customers to return to you for further sales!

Wholesale Catalog

Every season we publish a full color printed catalog.  Click here to have one mailed to you!  (Catalog requests and wholesale orders are accepted only from bona fide retailers meeting the necessary requirements.)

Also, don't forget!  We have a wholesale web site, exclusively for retailers. The site features not only every single piece in our current catalog, but every single piece in our entire inventory. Contact us for access to this web site.!

Sales Representatives

We have several sales representatives showing our lines, both at wholesale trade shows and on the road.  We have representation in: New England, the New Jersey & Pennsylvania areas, Maryland, Deleware, Virginia, North & South Carolina, Tennesse, Florida, and parts of the northern Mid West.

If you are interested in having a sales representative visit you, call our office for more information.

We are currently looking for representation around the the Gulf Coast and the Carribbean Islands.

Guarantees & Return Policies

We guarantee that all merchandise is of the highest quality, as advertised.  And we are very easy to work with. If for any reason you have a question or problem, please call our office.  We will work with you to find the proper solution. See our wholesale catalog and price list for a full listing of our standard policies.

Where can I buy your jewelry?

At this time, we no longer have an online jewelry store direct to the public, and we do not have a direct sales catalog.

However, our work is carried by many fine jewelry store, boutiques, galleries, and gift shops across the country. Click here to contact us for these locations!

Where is the jewelry made?

All of our jewelry is entirely American hand made on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. We take real pride that our designs are American handmade, and not churned out by overseas assembly lines. The attention to detail and quality of design is evident in every piece! Click here for more information about the artist and our company's history, or here to see snap shots of our studio.
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